Introduction to Change Your Mind, Change Your Heart, Change the World

A powerful Video series by Chuck Spezzano

Dr. Chuck Spezzano introduces himself and his 38 years of work. Chuck will share some of things he has found that really, really help people.

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Love Transforms

Love. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of healing techniques you know. Love is what matters.


Intuition is a very powerful way to use our mind. The ego thinking-mind often dissociates and hides the answers to a problem but our intuition cuts through to the answers and to guidance from our own higher, creative mind. Chuck has developed several methods to develop our intuition.

True Love

How do you find True Love in this world ? Chuck (who has an unerrring instinct for True Love) offers some valuable pointers.

The Stages of Sex

Chuck talks about the 4 main stages of Sex within a relationship.

No Love

Love is what heals us and gives us meaning. Most societies on our Planet Earth are caught in an independent, dissociative stage. But how will you know your purpose if you don’t have your full heart? The power of the feminine is what will take us into partnership and give us our heart back.

Depression and Loneliness

“Loneliness is one of the roots of all problems;we miscreate problems for attention, connection ,etc. not realizing that these problems separate us from others causing a vicious circle where we become even more lonely” – Chuck Spezzano


Chuck talks about the path of Relationships, the stairway to heaven.

Global Warming

A ‘green life’ is very, very helpful. The easiest way to raise our consciousness around Global Warming is to create connections, to people, to guidance and vision. Changes are needed and we can commit to that change. We can take the next step forward, to finding a new way.

A ‘green life’ is very, very helpful but the pollution on the inside needs addressing too. It’s time to clear up both the pollution within and the pollution of the Earth


Stress is endemic in our world but it’s a mistake and the more you push yourself the more the stress. Chuck explains the subconscious dynamics of stress and points to a different choice.


Chuck talks about our feelings of fulfilment. How happy are you? Living our own personal Purpose is one of the keys to our real Happiness.


“Passion is taking a bit out of the fruit of life, having the juices run down your face and having everybody lick their lips”
Chuck offers a passionate praise of Passion.