Meet Lency

Lency is pioneering Psychology of Vision’s mystical path through her joining method, which utilizes the feminine, direct access to divine love, resulting in the release of emotional pain from the body/mind and the experience of miracles of forgiveness and grace.

She is the author of Make Way for Love – A Story to Open the Heart, and has also co-authored two books about the basics of the Psychology of Vision with Chuck.

Lency received her BSc (Honours) and MSc degrees in Rehabilitation Counselling in 1975 and 1976 from the University of Arizona. She has designed and administered numerous rehabilitation agencies, training programs and treatment facilities, including the Hawaii Centre for the Deaf and HUGS for Hawaii’s seriously ill children and their families. In 1984 she joined with Chuck to develop and teach their Psychology of Vision model internationally.

She lives with Chuck in Hawaii.

Praise for Lency