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Make Way for Love-A Story to Open Your Heart

by Lency Spezzano

At the age of 28 Lency decided to confront the lack of feeling in herself by working with children with life threatening illnesses.

In this book she invites you into their lives, to share in their dreams and hopes. These are stories that will melt your heart just as they melted hers.


How to Save the World: Friends Helping Friends

by Chuck Spezzano

Chuck makes it clear that we can help the world if we consider all people as our friends. He shows us that there are ways and possibilities of helping our friends that positively influence not only their lives but ours too…


Relationship Emergency Kit

by Chuck Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano has the perspective of forty years in the healing field and is regarded in many countries as a relationship expert, knowing what makes a relationship work and what makes it fail. The Relationship Emergency Kit is a treasury of principles, lessons and exercises to either accelerate the healthy growth of a relationship or to help when a relationship is in crisis. It answers frequently asked questions like, “When is it time to call it quits? When is the relationship over?”


What Men Don’t Know About Sex…: That Women Could Teach Them

by Chuck Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano looks into relationships and how to improve relations between couples.


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